Poster and Logo designs for UMass Dartmouth's Fashion Design Department's Annual Student Fashion Show. I was part of a committee of graphic design students in which we created new logo designs for their department as well as create postering for their show.* Committee for designing the above logos include myself, Maddy Bettencourt, Vannyka Sim, Miranda Potvin and Michelle Bowers. Poster below designed by Maddy Bettencourt.
Ideas we had come up with for the rebranding was be able to feature the work of the fashion students that would be featured in the show, and include that in promotions. This had included taking photographs of the clothing that'd be worn by models and also the fabrics that the student designers were using to make their garments. I was in charge of doing all the photography work in this campaign, coming to the fashion students and getting photographs of garments and fabrics. As part of the creative process we had made the decision to use up-close shots of the fabrics for backgrounds/adding color to postering. The images I had captured are in the bottom grid, above that are our different logo versions included over the fabric shots.
*Fashion Show is normally held in May as part of the end of the academic year, fashion students would be displaying their work created during the academic year/finals week, however their show was postponed to October 2020 due to COVID-19. Also due to COVID-19 we could only get images of fabrics as we were unable to return to campus to finish photographing more finished garments and have them/models on our postering. 

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